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SmartFlex Guide on “How To Choose A Company Name”

You can create GOOD COMPANY Names using this ideas:-

There are almost 800,000 companies presently registered with the SSM

·        ·  a name which are connected to your nature of business

·        ·  a name which is meaningful

·        ·  a name which is easy to pronounce or remember

·        ·  a name which is very unique / different / extraordinary

·        ·  a name which is connected to future

·        ·  a name which should not be used by others

·        ·  a name which gives you hope

·        ·  a name which brings luck

·        ·  a name is combination of directors names

·        ·  a coined word which sound nice

·        ·  name of place connected to your business

·        ·  a name which is extraordinary

·        ·  a name which is different of others

·        ·  a name which is futuristic sounding

·        ·  a name which is easy to spell

·        ·  a name which sounds good in different languages but has a meaning

·        ·  a name which takes into account numerology

·        ·  a name which has a shortform meaning

·        ·  a name which bring power

·        ·  a name which is a combination of two words

·        ·  a name in English Language or Bahasa Malaysia – preferably

·        ·  a name which can be registered as a dot-com domain name

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Nazra @ +6019-614-5528


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